99% Hype, 1% News

The CryptoZone Lottery

Updated Lottery Prize List

  1. Cryptonom Soario Gold Skin, Alterverse Toxic Plasma Hammer, Virtue Monk of the Kartulan Temple
  2. Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Legendary Gen 1 Ether Legends Card*
  3. Spirit Clash Kartulan Phoenix, Epic Gen 0 Ether Legends Card*
  4. Acid Rain Astral Armor, Rare Gen 1 Ether Legends Card*
  5. Alterverse Aura Astral Armor, Ether Legends Common Gen 1 Card*

The Founders Only Event

Earn-with-us Token Update

Earlier this year we minted and dropped these to holders of MFT’s across the top games in the Enjin multiverse. This token was a fun little project we created to help spread buzz about upcoming events and giveaways in The CryptoZone… and we’ve decided its due for an overhaul. Check it out here on Opensea! (Enjin is a bit behind on picking up our improvements but will update soon)

Upcoming Collabs

Many have asked recently for more information about our partnerships and collaborations. We have recently redesigned our criteria for choosing partnerships to benefit everyone involved and create a better user experience for our partners and members.

New Enjin Program & Giveaway

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