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4 min readJul 2, 2020

As the title might lead you to believe, this article is the result of peeps asking for an update since we have been silently working away to bring you new things. So first things first…

The CryptoZone Lottery

Huge congrats to @MWMaehlisen for winning our first lottery round from the CryptoZone! Click here to see his tweet highlighting the awesome prizes he won.

We are just four tickets away from having two winners for each lottery round so now is as good of a time to snag one as ever! We intend to hold the next round on July 5th, but it may get pushed forward or back a bit depending on gas prices and community opinion. Head to enjinx here to pick one up for yourself!

Please note, that the following prizes depend on the number of tickets sold: *We are currently at 36 distributed. If we sell four more, we’ll have two winners! To learn how the CZ Lottery works, refer to our article here.

Updated Lottery Prize List

  1. Cryptonom Soario Gold Skin, Alterverse Toxic Plasma Hammer, Virtue Monk of the Kartulan Temple
  2. Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Legendary Gen 1 Ether Legends Card*
  3. Spirit Clash Kartulan Phoenix, Epic Gen 0 Ether Legends Card*
  4. Acid Rain Astral Armor, Rare Gen 1 Ether Legends Card*
  5. Alterverse Aura Astral Armor, Ether Legends Common Gen 1 Card*

The Founders Only Event

As we have announced, there is a Founder’s Only event happening this month for FT holders in our private Founder’s Telegram chat with daily/ weekly/ monthly blockchain prizes!

They are currently helping us to test our latest developments and projects before we release them into the wild for you all to enjoy. While we can’t share more on this just yet, there is still time to get in on the action by following this link to grab one for yourself here!

Earn-with-us Token Update

Earlier this year we minted and dropped these to holders of MFT’s across the top games in the Enjin multiverse. This token was a fun little project we created to help spread buzz about upcoming events and giveaways in The CryptoZone… and we’ve decided its due for an overhaul. Check it out here on Opensea! (Enjin is a bit behind on picking up our improvements but will update soon)

This token’s artwork and metadata will change periodically, revealing a hints and clues about the next big update or opportunity so it would be wise to check on it once in a while so you don’t miss something important. It might even grant access to exclusive giveaways in the future… so stay tuned!

Upcoming Collabs

Many have asked recently for more information about our partnerships and collaborations. We have recently redesigned our criteria for choosing partnerships to benefit everyone involved and create a better user experience for our partners and members.

We will be releasing more on this soon and dropping a few hints here and there about what’s to come, but be ready for some fun events & implementations of our tokens scattered across the multiverse.

New Enjin Program & Giveaway

Enjin has launched a new program to encourage their users like us who are working hard to promote the project, offering up a chance to earn some rewards… and with it, a new giveaway! You can participate in the giveaway by following the referral link here.

If you are interested in learning more or thinking about starting an Enjin project, follow this link for more details about how to get set up on the platform.

In complete transparency, this is our affiliate link so should you choose to participate by clicking on it, we may receive some love from enjin for sharing our love for enjin with you!

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