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New Website! New Bot! New Giveaways!

The CryptoZone
4 min readApr 27, 2020
The CryptoZone Website Homepage

New Website

Setting up the website has been a top priority these past few weeks. We wanted to make sure our current user base has a place to find all the latest updates about the project while allowing newcomers to navigate the intricacies of The CryptoZone project and how they can get involved.

It also opens up the doors to exciting new promotions, giveaways, and partnerships… and we think you’re going to appreciate the features and functionality we’re working to build out. We’re even set up to receive BAT tips if you’re a Brave Browser user ;)

Check us out at and bask in all its glorious splendor!

Ethereum Name Service or ENS — TheCryptoZone.eth
TheCryptoZone.eth - Ethereum Name Server

New ENS: TheCryptoZone.Eth

With the news that enjin was finally ready to support Ethereum Name Service (ENS), we jumped at the chance to snag a domain! If you aren’t quite sure what this means, you can now send crypto to or look up our address using the domain TheCryptoZone.Eth. This will make it easier for members to verify the correct project wallet address and transfer crypto accordingly.

New CryptoZone Telegram Bot

We are excited to announce the launch of a new telegram bot we’ve been working on to increase transparency and visibility on our developments.

The CryptoZone Bot tracks the blockchain, allowing us to accurately see sales and track discounts in real-time. When a CryptoZone item sells, the amount of monthly dividends applied towards founders will be posted by the bot. The total can be seen updating with each new message and at the end of each month you will be able to track your dividends per FT Held. We plan on adding more features and functionality, but couldn’t wait to share with you and get your feedback!

Here is a snapshot from the bot at the time this article was written:

The CryptoZone Telegram Bot
The CryptoZone Bot — Demo

The CryptoZone Bot
Founder 10% Discount
Adamantium Tier Supporter Token FT
Dividends: 437.5 ENJ
April Dividend Pool: 653.6875 ENJ

For those of you who have already seen it in action, what do you think? If you have thoughts or ideas, please feel free to share with us on telegram!

New Asset Minting Plans and Sales

Up until this point all asset sales have been in the form of “Supporter Tokens” and we’re proud to have such a supportive community behind us! These tokens allow users to swap for a future item of equal value with a 10% discount, giving our early-adopters a way to lock in their value!

Next assets to be minted will be: Lottery Tickets (Series #1) !

Founder’s Dividends for April will be distributed soon for each FT held. Don’t miss your change to get one now on Enjinx or Opensea.

We are currently on Wave 3 at 750 Enjin/ FT with a Bronze Tier Supporter token included with each sale. Please make sure you are buying from our address if you wish to receive a supporters token: 0xFC7B99980803701252d313eA1805F05D931E68DC

GiveLab Giveaways
Check our Giveaways page for our first GiveLab test-run

GiveLab & Giveaways

We are all set up and ready to start promoting through Givelab! This will give you all a chance to invite your friends to join our crew while helping to promote the project and earn yourself some awesome prizes along the way.

Recently Concluded Giveaways:

@ParJarGaming (Telegram) Game Giveaway

Prizes: 5,500 Par, 7, and 1 of each Bronze/ Silver/ Gold Supporter Token

The Falcon Project Logo

The Falcon Project @Falcon_Official (Telegram) Trivia Giveaway

Prizes: 10x ERC-1155 Enjin Backed Falcon Project Assets

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