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5 min readMay 17, 2020

Partner Highlight: Ether Legends

No need to breakout Google Translate just yet. Although the title might lead you to believe this article was written in Spanish, I can assure you that is not in fact the case… but it sure sounds good. On the other hand, what an awesome learning opportunity that would present! …Time to get down to business.

To show how much we love and appreciate our partners, we like to highlight how awesome they are each week and give you some info about how to get in on the action.

Ether Legends is a ground-breaking collectible trading card game utilizing Blockchain technology for its fast, safe and reliable transactions while providing digital content ownership for all players!

​EL is doing something revolutionary in the space by allowing their players to collect limited release physical & digital trading cards. Physical cards containing a QR can be scanned and transformed into digital collectibles, making them playable in both mediums!

The digital game will be available to play free with PVP tournaments and a campaign mode sometime in 2020. Forge your own collectibles, earn rewards + loot for playing, and choose which items to keep or discard as you power up for battle. Even the experience gained becomes a digital asset​! Find them at EtherLegends.com and on Telegram @EtherLegends.

The CryptoZone + Ether Legends Giveaway

This month we’re holding some exclusive “partner-specific” giveaways starting with Ether Legends! The giveaway can be found by navigating to our giveaways page, underneath the ongoing Lottery Ticket Giveaway at: TheCryptoZone.io/giveaways

Prize List:

  1. 1x Red Holiday Cap
  2. 1x Epic Character Card: ‘Pig’ The Coyfoot Klawfer + 1x Common Character Card: Dirk ‘The Daring’ Fortunato
  3. 2x Common Character Cards: Hoshi ‘The Flurry’ Magoshi + William ‘Willie B’ Bodilly

The CryptoZone Lottery Update

So far we have had a successful round of lottery ticket sales & drops. To date we’ve sold 12 tickets, dropped 10 to our Founders. One individual has even taken advantage of the ability to swap Supporter Tokens for these amazing assets from CryptoZone, bringing the total distributed to 23%. You can still purchase Series #1 Lottery Tickets here on Enjinx! It’s not too late but you will want to get your ticket before the first draw if you want a shot at the current prizes.

For a full breakdown of the lottery system and prize list, please refer to our previous articles here:

  1. NOM Partnership & Lotto Tickets!
  2. The Lotto Pool Gets Bigger as Spirit Clash Jumps OnBoard

If you’ve already participated in our GiveLab Lottery Giveaway, don’t forget to return often and check for new tasks as we continue to add them at random! This means you can jump back in and help us spread the word by completing a few more steps, each allowing you to earn more points towards winning a valuable prize!

Founder’s Update

Benefits To FT Holders

So why do we give 50% of dividends from all official sales to our founders? It’s a valid question, and seems like a simply absurd decision at first glance.

The reasoning behind this is to create a group of die-hard fans and supporters who all get to hop onboard as true Founders of the project, encouraging you all to feel like this project is yours just as much as it is ours. We hope all of the benefits we’ve set up for our FT holders will inspire them to spread the word about The CryptoZone to their friends & family, and share any ideas/ feedback about what they’d like to see from us or where they see the project headed.

Big Decisions

As The CryptoZone continues to grow, we are faced with new and exciting challenges each-and-every day. We have had some very tough decisions to make lately, and in the spirit of transparency we’d like to take a moment to share and explain how we are doing our best to act in the interest of our members.

Recently we had to turn down a large investment opportunity which would have allowed us to very quickly raise funding for development. No matter how we tried to approach it, accepting this offer could have resulted serious negative effects on our Founders ultimately sacrificing the trust and equality we continue to strive for. Because of this, we would like to encourage Founder’s Token holders to act in the best interest of the group, by requesting you all to limit the amount of FT’s you hold to a maximum of five.

To make this even clearer: No Founder should ever hold more than 5 Founder’s Tokens total. There are many reasons for this decision, but the main points are as follows:

  • Giving too much power to a single holder can become discouraging for others to continue to participate
  • Voting rights become unfairly distributed
  • Dividends & drops become imbalanced, allowing one user to manipulate the market

Obviously we realize there are ways around this as we have seen the various methods users have used to spoof the system like alt-accounts and using multiple wallets… but we would also like to assume the best in all of you, and hope that you respect the project enough to adhere to the rules we have set in place.

Our motto lately has been: “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!” and this dream wouldn’t work without all of you wonderful people.

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