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4 min readApr 5, 2020

Founder’s Token Sale — Wave 3

The next wave of CryptoZone Founders Tokens go on sale Monday April 6, 2020, at 8pm UTC for 750 enjin! For a full list of benefits FT holders receive from this token please see our previous Medium article. Each buyer in this wave will receive a Bronze Tier Supporter Token, equal to 10 Enjin worth of future swap value on CZ assets with a bonus 10% discount.

We’d also like to give a big shoutout to those who have already purchased a Founder’s Token! Thanks for becoming a part of The CZ Team and helping us to reach spot #2 in the weekly volume rankings on the Enjinx Marketplace in just over a week!

The CryptoZone Weekly Volume Statistics on Enjinx Marketplace

Founder’s Token holders have already been able to cast their votes on the artwork for 1st batch of The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets, and received their first airdrop of 50 Space Misfits Crowns (SMC)! These function as the in-game currency for Space Misfits — a 3D Low Poly Space Sandbox MMO game built on enjin — and can be used to purchase enjin backed items on their website at a rate of $0.02 USD/ SMC.

CLICK HERE! → Founder’s Token Sale Countdown Timer

Earn-With-Us Token Promotional Drops!

The CryptoZone: Earn-With-Us Token

We gathered up addy’s of the FT holders from the top Enjin Games last week and dropped them all an Earn-With-Us token to spread the love. If you received one of these recently and decided to drop by — welcome! These tokens can be used to quickly check what you are currently able to earn by staying active in The CryptoZone.

We will update the description + artwork through its metadata on a regular basis to keep our holders informed about our most recent partnerships and giveaways in real-time! We will also be working to include important info such as when snapshots are coming up for FT Holder drops, Lottery Draw dates, and which new and exciting prizes are up for grabs each week.

Basic Tier Supporter Tokens

Recently we decided to create a Basic Tier Supporter Token to benefit those members who’d like to support the project, but don’t have a lot of crypto to spare a shot at the same early-adopter benefits!

Now is your chance to lock-in a 10% discount on a future CZ asset for just 2.5 Enjin (which you’ll retain as “swap value”) by purchasing one on the marketplace here:

These can also be earned by participating in weekly games and events in The CryptoZone Telegram channel along with a ton of other awesome crypto-prizes!

When Website…? Soon:

We keep getting asked when we’re going to launch the website and you can probably guess the answer — — SOON! With an increase in focused developments and partnerships, we’ve decided to start putting together a website where newcomers can find out more about our project and current members can find out about our upcoming events and activities.

Following the website launch, we plan on ramping up our referral campaigns and marketing through either GiveLab or Gleam as well.

Recent Giveaways & Winners:

PAR Giveaway for FT Holders

Parachute Token (ParJar on Telegram)

Prize(s) = 10k Par

Winner = @SergiPantoja (He is obviously a lucky FT Holder XD)

Giveaway Tweet Link

Fox Den Studios + CryptoZone Giveaway

Fox Den Studios — Mini Games

Winner = @Mapl3sn0w

Prize(s) = CryptoZone Founders Token

Tweet Link (None)


AlterVerse + CZ Giveaway

Alterverse: Elite Lifetime Citizenship

Prize(s) = Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship

Winner = @selvetayaz

Recipient Tweet Link


Twitter TCZ Assets Giveaway

The CryptoZone

Prize(s) = Gold Tier Supporter Token + 1 Enjin Indie Plan

Winner = @MWMaehlisen

Recipient Tweet Link


Ether Legends Giveaway

Ether Legends — ELET

Prize(s) = Green Holiday Cap & 200 ELET

Winner = @TechHead(on Twitter)

Tweet Link


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