Just a Quick CZ Update

The CryptoZone Lottery Update:

Founder’s Token Holders:

Among other amazing benefits, our Founder’s receive 50% of dividends from all official sales totaling almost 939.1875 ENJ last month! If you are new here, you can learn more about the benefits of becoming a FT holder at the link here.

Upcoming Founders Event

We have spent many nights developing new ideas and putting them into action to make this project something much larger than just another crypto giveaway chat.

Partner Collab Highlight

We love seeing awesome partner collaborations and this week we’d like to highlight this amazing multiverse collaboration dreamed up by Cryptonom and Ether Legends: Puggalo & Bitpom!

Pugalo and Bitpom

GiveLab Giveaway Winners:

Below are the winners of our three GiveLab Giveaways from last month. Congrats to you all and we’ll be sending you an email to claim your prizes shortly. We had just about 150 participants and we want to give you all a huge shout-out for helping us to spread the word and we hope you win the next one!

Ether Legends Giveaway:

  1. Red Holiday Cap (ERC1155)

CryptoAssault Giveaway:

  1. 1x CryptoAssault Epic Unit + Silver Tier Supporter Token

The CryptoZone Series #1 Lottery Giveaway:

  1. The CryptoZone Series #1: Lottery Ticket + Gold Tier Supporter Token

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