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4 min readJun 9, 2020

Hey ZoneHeads! It’s been a bit quiet lately so we wanted to release a few updates to keep everyone in the loop.

The CryptoZone Lottery Update:

Due to extraneous circumstances we have decided to push out the first round of the lottery which was set for last Sunday.

Reasons for this decision include things like: The lotto tickets from the GiveLab event have not yet been sent to the winners, and gas has been INSANE lately ($1–2 per transaction) so sending items is slow and costly.

Because of this some prizes are getting sent and dropped from the blockchain and it wouldn’t be fair to run it before the GiveLab ticket winners receive their prizes. We are keeping tabs on any of you that haven’t yet received anything so we won’t forget about ya, and rest assured that the lotto drawing is still happening and we will continue on the first Sunday schedule for the following month. That being said, there is still time to buy a ticket here and this gives you all a bit of extra time to try and hit the 40% distributed milestone for a shot at more prizes!

Founder’s Token Holders:

Among other amazing benefits, our Founder’s receive 50% of dividends from all official sales totaling almost 939.1875 ENJ last month! If you are new here, you can learn more about the benefits of becoming a FT holder at the link here.

If you have purchased a founders token please DM an admin so we can get you into the private founders Telegram chat, and welcome aboard!

Upcoming Founders Event

We have spent many nights developing new ideas and putting them into action to make this project something much larger than just another crypto giveaway chat.

So far we’ve dropped some hints in the private founders channel about a fun event coming soon that will be held exclusively for our Founders. This development is going to completely change the entire dynamic of The CryptoZone and offer everyone with an FT a chance to become an “Early Tester” and score some blockchain prizes in the process.

But as always, with great power comes great responsibility… and we owe it to you guys to get it right the first time around. So everyone can bare with us for the rest of the week while we work out the final mechanics and troubleshoot issues, we promise it will all be worth it in the end! In the meantime we’ll keep dropping hints here and there and do our best to keep you in the loop.

Partner Collab Highlight

We love seeing awesome partner collaborations and this week we’d like to highlight this amazing multiverse collaboration dreamed up by Cryptonom and Ether Legends: Puggalo & Bitpom!

Pugalo and Bitpom

Speaking of, we are starting to get excited about some of the upcoming collabs between The CryptoZone and our current + future partners. We aren’t dropping any spoilers this time around, but there are some really awesome things spinning behind the scenes that you guys are going to love so stay tuned!

GiveLab Giveaway Winners:

Below are the winners of our three GiveLab Giveaways from last month. Congrats to you all and we’ll be sending you an email to claim your prizes shortly. We had just about 150 participants and we want to give you all a huge shout-out for helping us to spread the word and we hope you win the next one!

Ether Legends Giveaway:

  1. Red Holiday Cap (ERC1155)

Winner: Beauagreus

2. 1x Epic Character Card: ‘Pig’ The Coyfoot Klawfer + 1x Common Character Card: Dirk ‘The Daring’ Fortunato

Winner: Zeb

3. 2x Common Character Cards: Hoshi ‘The Flurry’ Magoshi + William ‘Willie B’ Bodilly

Winner: EricShawnGU

CryptoAssault Giveaway:

  1. 1x CryptoAssault Epic Unit + Silver Tier Supporter Token

Winner: GL1TCH

2. 1x CryptoAssault Rare Unit + Bronze Tier Supporter Token

Winner: Stefan W.

3. 1x CryptoAssault Rare Unit + Bronze Tier Supporter Token

Winner: azmodie

4. 1x CryptoAssault Common Unit + Basic Tier Supporter Token

Winner: YeromeZ

5. 1x CryptoAssault Common Unit + Basic Tier Supporter Token

Winner: peaceloove89

The CryptoZone Series #1 Lottery Giveaway:

  1. The CryptoZone Series #1: Lottery Ticket + Gold Tier Supporter Token

Winner: DirkSchmitt10

2. The CryptoZone Series #1: Lottery Ticket + Silver Tier Supporter Token

Winner: DjPatrickSimon

3. The CryptoZone Series #1: Lottery Ticket + Bronze Tier Supporter Token

Winner: Peranha

4. The CryptoZone Series #1: Lottery Ticket + Basic Tier Supporter Token

Winner: Gomlin

5. The CryptoZone Series #1: Lottery Ticket

Winner: SamBamStreams

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