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5 min readMay 8, 2020

Cryptonom Partnership!

Its official! We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with…

Cryptonom is a fun project that pays homage to the nostalgic gameboy-style gaming experience we all crave from our childhood. As you explore a digital world filled with powerful creatures called “NOMs” for short, you’ll be able to cache & collect, level-up and even evolve your NOMs to build an unstoppable team!

The game is powered by the Enjin platform, pushing the limits of what we love to see from blockchain gaming! Make sure to join the Cryptonom Telegram group & check them out on Medium to stay updated on the progress they’re making.

Cryptonom BitPom Gold Skin

We also recently received a ton of very rare & valuable blockchain items from an anonymous donor, including some exclusive Cryptonom assets which will be included as prizes in the very first… CRYPTOZONE LOTTERY EVENT!

Lottery Tickets:

The Lottery Ticket Sale will start on Friday, May 8th at 8pm UTC on the enjinx marketplace here. We’ll start the sale at 100 Enjin per ticket, and incrementally increase the price as they sell out… so you’ll want to act fast!

⌛ Click here to see The Lottery Ticket Sale Countdown Timer

The CryptoZone ERC-1155 Lottery Tickets — Series #1

Series #1 Lotto Tickets are Legendary blockchain assets, making them the rarest of their kind as only 100 will ever be minted. Each ticket grants the holder a recurring opportunity to become one of the randomly chosen winners, allowing them to reach into a trove of valuable blockchain treasures and rewards.

The lottery will be hosted on the first Sunday of each month to start, with the hopes of eventually working our way up to a maximum of four per month. The number of winners for each set is chosen based on 20% of the total circulating supply (including melts). This means that if 100% (or all 100 tickets) are distributed in this round, we will have a total of 5 winners.

The drawings will begin when at least 20% of the tickets are distributed. This will be relatively easy to achieve since 10% will be dropped to Founder’s Token holders, and 10% are reserved for Giveaways.

Each holder can only win once per drawing. This means each time a ticket is drawn the winner’s address will be removed from the list, increasing the remaining ticket holders’ chances with each new draw!

These will be the first CryptoZone assets you can use your supporter tokens to purchase! ***If you want more information on how Supporter Tokens work, please refer to our article here.

There could be also be future benefits of holding Lotto Tickets including things like increased points towards giveaways, and cross-project compatibility so don’t miss out!

Prize List

The prize pool will feature The CryptoZone original assets along with tokens & assets donated by our partners + affiliated blockchain games. This month’s prizes are worth a combined total of somewhere around 1,500 Enjin! Here is the list of prizes you can win if 100% of the tickets are distributed in the first round:

  1. Cryptonom Enjileon Gold Skin, Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Ether Legends Flawed Prism
  2. Cryptonom Bitpom Gold Skin, Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Legendary Gen 1 Ether Legends Card
  3. Cryptonom Soario Gold Skin, Alterverse Toxic Plasma Hammer, Epic Gen 0 Ether Legends Card
  4. Alterverse XR75 Purple Reign + Acid Rain Astral Armor, Rare Gen 1 Ether Legends Card
  5. Alterverse Aura Astral Armor + Ruby Pistol + Ether Legends Common Gen 1 Card

GiveLab Giveaway

As mentioned above, we’re launching our very first GiveLab event where you can score points towards winning a Series #1 lottery ticket and maybe even a supporter token just by helping us to spread the word!

The CryptoZone is now on GiveLab!

The CryptoZone Lottery — GiveLab Giveaway (Starts Friday):

Enter by navigating to the “Giveaways” tab on our website at


  1. The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets: Series #1 + Gold Tier Supporter Token
  2. The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets: Series #1 + Silver Tier Supporter Token
  3. The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets: Series #1 + Bronze Tier Supporter Token
  4. The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets: Series #1 + Basic Tier Supporter Token
  5. The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets: Series #1

Make sure to join us on Telegram for daily games & giveaways, and check the website often for more opportunities win!

Founder’s Token Holders Update

May 1st wrapped up our first round of sales, with 50% of the dividends from official CryptoZone token sale profits redistributed to our Founder’s Token holders as promised! Here’s the final April snapshot posted by The CryptoZone Bot:

The CryptoZone Founder’s Token April Dividends: 676.0625 ENJ

Above is a snapshot from our bot with an announcement regarding last month’s dividends distributed on May 1st, for a total of 676 Enjin or 26 Enjin per FT held!

All of the sales so far have come from just a small amount of Supporter Tokens which we put up to give our early supporters a chance to grab a few early on. Moving forward there will be more assets up for sale as we continue to grow and develop new blockchain items, with unique implementations across multiple projects.

Snapshots will be taken next Friday (May 15th) for Lotto Ticket drops to our Founder’s Token holders. Grab one before its too late: The CryptoZone Founder’s Token Sale on Enjinx

The CryptoZone Address Change

We recently migrated The CryptoZone Official wallet to a new one. To be as clear as possible about this, the address change is as follows:


The address above ending in “…68DC” is now the official address of The CryptoZone. Remember that you can always use our ENS: TheCryptoZone.Eth to avoid any confusion.

What This Means For You:

How to use TheCryptoZone.eth

Always check to make sure the assets you are purchasing are listed by the official CryptoZone address to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect, and not a copycat item from a scammer.

Don’t forget that buying from this addy also provides benefits like 10% discounts on most assets for Founder’s Token holders, opportunities to snag a supporter token with FT sales. Make sure to use this address for supporter token trade-ins to obtain new CryptoZone assets as well.

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