The Lotto Pool Gets Bigger as Spirit Clash Jumps OnBoard.

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4 min readMay 11, 2020

New Partnership with Spirit Clash

What an exciting week we’ve had, and its about to get even better. We’d like to welcome Spirit Clash as our newest partner!

Spirit Clash Enjin Card-Based Crypto Game

Spirit Clash is a digital card-based game built on the enjin platform. To win you must clash your way through the three spiritual cores of Mind, Body, and Soul to claim victory.

Build a strong deck of Followers to summon on command and equip them with powerful relics. Cast hexes to hinder your enemies, and order clashes upon the cores to become the most powerful Overlord. It’s a battle for supremacy where the first player to destroy all 3 cores on the opponents side wins the game.

Head to or visit them on Telegram to find out more.

Lottery Update

The first round of Lottery ticket sales went amazingly. Shout out to all those who have already bought their tickets & those who are saving up to! If you missed our announcement detailing how the lottery works, see our latest article update here.

Also thanks to the exciting news above, we’ve added more awesome prizes to this months lottery, along with extra tasks to help you earn points towards becoming one of the lucky Lottery Ticket Giveaway winners. Don’t forget to check back daily to earn as many points you can!

The CryptoZone Lottery Giveaway Link

Anyone out there complete all the steps in the giveaway and reach the step asking for the “Founder’s Code?” This is just one of the many benefits our FT holders receive each month. In fact, the CryptoZone Founder’s Dividend pool for May has already surpassed last months earnings, totaling 679 enjin so far! It’s not too late to pick one up at the link here, and become a member of the Founder’s club. For more info on The CryptoZone Founder’s Token benefits, read the article here.

Updated Lottery Prize List

  1. Cryptonom Enjileon Gold Skin, Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Ether Legends Flawed Prism, Virtue Needle of Toxins
  2. Cryptonom Bitpom Gold Skin, Alterverse Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Legendary Gen 1 Ether Legends Card, Virtue Monk of the Kartulan Temple
  3. Cryptonom Soario Gold Skin, Alterverse Toxic Plasma Hammer, Epic Gen 0 Ether Legends Card, Kartulan Phoenix
  4. Alterverse XR75 Purple Reign + Acid Rain Astral Armor, Rare Gen 1 Ether Legends Card
  5. Alterverse Aura Astral Armor + Ruby Pistol + Ether Legends Common Gen 1 Card

Supporter Tokens

As you may already know, The CryptoZone Lottery Tickets are the first asset you are able to trade in your Supporter Tokens for. If you want a more in-depth breakdown of what these are and how they work, please refer to our previous article here.

As far as they pertain to this particular swap, all you need to do is contact @SergiPantoja on telegram or any other medium and let us know about the swap. Then once we verify that you have the correct amount of supporter token value to match the current price of the tickets on the Enjinx marketplace, you can send the tokens to TheCryptoZone.Eth to redeem your lottery ticket!

Eventually we will automate this process using The CryptoZone Bot, but for now we’re doing our best to make the manual process as simple as possible. Remember that using supporter tokens allows you to swap with a 10% discount, and if you are a Founder’s Token holder that 10% discount is stackable on top as well!

Our Goals & Mission

Before we let you guys go, we think it’s important to add some clarification and explain why we operate the way we do at The CryptoZone, and cover what our overall goals are.

While we realize its hard to keep track of all the alt coins out there and not everyone is a firm believer in every crypto project, its important to recognize that there are other communities out there just like us who are just as excited about these projects as we are about ours!

Some of coins we use to reward members like PAR, DYT, SHOCK, and others allow us the opportunity to bring in new members from these communities who are already passionate about another coin or token, introducing them to our amazing community and the spreading the news about projects we think are also awesome — like enjin! This allows us to achieve our Mission:

To build a community of die-hard fans just like you who want to push the limits of blockchain gaming, make new friends, learn a bit and earn some prizes along the way.

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