The News You’ve All Been Waiting For

The CryptoZone
5 min readOct 15, 2020


Many peeps have asked, “Why is it so quiet lately? What is going on over there at The CryptoZone.” And unless you’re a Founder’s Token holder you might be feeling kind of in the dark — but we intend to change all of that asap!

A Phoenix is Born

Our mascot Fawx has finally come to life. Being an Exotic creature, we found it fitting to make the highest rarity on our platform exotic as well. He’ll be an important and integral companion character in the near future with the items already minted and ready to go!

We already have some awesome collabs and competitions coming up surrounding Fawx, with big plans for him to appear in a few upcoming games throughout the multiverse! If you want to learn more about Fawx check out Platform page at

New CryptoZone Bot!

Phase ONE

This is it Zoneheads, the update you’ve all been waiting for! We are proud to release Phase One of the newest CryptoZone Bot. The basic functionality is that of a reputation tracking mechanism, but you’ll quickly discover the features we’ve built in makes it far superior to anything of the sort, and this is just the beginning.

If you’ve read our previous medium articles or glanced at our assets, you’ll notice our fearless phoenix mascot “Fawx” seems to appear just about everywhere.

For the past few months we have been secretly working on ways to increase participation in the group, and after a ton of late nights rigorously brainstorming + troubleshooting we are finally ready to bring you our newest addition: The CryptoZone Phoenix FawxBot — or “FawxBot” for short.


The basic functionality of FawxBot may feel similar to that of other reputation tracking telegram bots, but you’ll quickly discover the features we’ve built in makes it far superior to anything currently available and this is just Phase 1.

Fawx himself is a mechanical phoenix that runs off of steam. Users will need to participate in chat activities in various ways to receive Steam Points or “SP.” The Steam Points earned can then be exchanged with and consumed by Fawx to power him up, allowing you to then be elevated to the next rank.

There will also be “Boosts” or periods of time during which a user is rewarded a multiplier like “2x,” increasing the amount of SP earned per action. If you are active, lucky, and nice to our mascot… Fawx may even drop you some random prizes here and there.

Steampunk Phoenix by Bekah Ewers

Getting Started

If you’re just getting started, find the bot at and click the “Start” button. Private commands that can be used in DM, which include:

/start #Start the bot

/del #Delete your account

/stats #Check your stats

Public commands can be used in the main chat:

/active_boosts #Tells you if there are any active boosts

/leaderboard <daily, weekly, monthly, or leave blank for ongoing>

/stats #Publicly check your stats

The Competitive Event

You can now face off against the other CZ members to help us try out new features, give feedback, and make suggestions for improvements!

Participating in the event will award some awesome prizes, and becoming a Founder allows you to participate across multiple chats with special bonus multipliers.

Weekly Leaderboard: A random person in the top 10 each week will be entered into a giveaway for a prize(s) from our prize pool of random local currency via ParJar and NFTs.

Ongoing Leaderboard: Once Phase 1 is complete, we will reward prizes to those who sit atop the “All Time” leaderboard as a thanks for being an early tester.

Remember that this is a participation activity not a spam competition. We have set up precautions to make sure does’t just become a stream of nonsensical messages. Posting random gibberish will get you muted so please, just don’t. On the other hand, experimenting with the various actions that will earn you extra points and multiplier is highly encouraged. All points after the testing period will be reset once blockchain integration is implemented during the second phase.

Phase TWO

We are in development of a new kind of gaming experience that will build upon the current bot and its features with a derivative storyline and more characters and quests. Phase Two is going to completely change everything you thought you knew about our plans not only for the bot, but its very possible that even your perspective on what you thought this group was capable of will change for the better.

This release will be the glue that holds all of our plans & projects together and will define an implementation of the Enjin blockchain in a way that we think has yet to be done!

This is just the beginning of an MMO social game that will be truly revolutionary, benefitting both users and game developers across the multiverse of blockchain Telegram groups… and we can’t wait for you to see what comes next.

That’s it! Have fun everyone!